RISE standing desk converter and sit stand desk

4 min read

If a Standing Desk Converter is a better fit for your lifestyle than one of RISEDESK’s full-size Standing Desks, then you are in luck – we have two fantastic models of Standing Desk Converters for ...

Ergonomicswork from home set up with ergonomic chair

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If your work routine requires you to sit for prolonged periods of time, ergonomically designed chairs are an essential for avoiding the harmful effects that can arise. Here is a list of the benefit...

Ergonomicsoffice space and laptop

4 min read

Learn about the cutting edge new tool, and how it just might be the perfect fit for you. What is a standing desk converter?

Ergonomicsdesktop design productivity

4 min read

Getting work done has never been so challenging, with the shift towards an at-home working style. How can you be more productive at home? Here are tips on how you can work with intentionality, and ...

Ergonomicsstanding desk with ergonomic chair

7 min read

You spend countless hours sitting on your home office chair – so how do you choose the best one? Lumbar support, ergonomics, seat tilt – these are terms that flood the market with their vast select...