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What is the Best Brand for Ergonomic Chairs?

It greets you with support every morning, and carries you through your longest nights of work. 

Right below you, though often overlooked, the desk chair you sit on is a  key player in your comfort, health, and mindset, and is by effect a direct determinant of your productivity level every single day. The tally is in, and the average worker spends around 10 hours sitting every single day, adding up to 50 hours a week. So why not maximise every single one of those with a chair that best suits you? With the myriad office chair options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to select the right one for your needs. Terms such as “ergonomics” and “lumbar” confuse the process further. 

RISEDESK is here to help you by breaking down these terms, naming the essential features to look for in a chair, and comparing the top office chair products on the market – all so that you can make the right decision with ease. What is the best ergonomic chair in Canada?


What to look for in an office chair? 

Ergonomicsthe key to your success.


Through studying people in their working environments, ergonomists design and modify the work environment to fit the worker, not the other way around. Say goodbye to the days of having to adjust yourself frequently in an uncomfortable chair, an ergonomic office chair is designed specifically to you. By eliminating discomfort and the risk of injury, your work days are free for you to focus all of your energy into being the best version of yourself, and creating work that you can be proud of. When your office is built to support you instead of hinder you, the results are limitless.

Did you know that ergonomic settings allow workers to be 17.5% more productive? This number increases even more to 17.7% when sitting at a highly adjustable office chair. Your comfort matters, and investing in it launches a chain reaction that improves all aspects of your life.

By pulling the top models of ergonomic office chairs on the market, we can compare the features that matter most in maximising comfort and productivity: adjustability, durability, ease of acquisition and assembly, affordability, and design.


What is the best office chair for sitting long hours?

Which chair is the most adjustable?

The Rise Ergonomic Office Chair by RISEDESK – the best ergonomic chair on the market.

With adjustability in its  height, armrest, headrest, backrest, seat tilt, and lumbar support, the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair is by far the most adjustable in Canada. The 6 points of adjustability make it the most adaptable chair to your needs, built with technology that allows it to dynamically meet your changing demands throughout the work day.



  • Height

Adjustable height allows you to match up the height of your chair to that of your desk or table for comfortable sitting. Make sure to choose the ideal height to help dissuade the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome


  • Armrest 

The armrests of the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair are extremely adjustable, so you can tailor the fit exactly to the height most comfortable for the type of activity you are doing. Typing? The armrest can sit high and support your elbows as you work away. In a meeting? The armrests can lower to comfortably brace your arms as you converse. RISEDESK is here to accommodate you in every situation.


  • Headrest

Paramount for neck and shoulder health, a headrest is a feature that many competitors are without. The headrest of the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair is ergonomically shaped to perfectly brace your head and neck both improving posture and maintaining ideal comfort levels, all while looking incredibly modern.


  • Backrest

Canadian researchers found that a backrest angled at 135 degrees puts the least amount of strain on the spine, vital for people who suffer from back pain, and with RISEDESK’s 40º degrees of recline, you can find the perfect incline for your improved back health.


  • Seat Tilt

We don’t simply stop at the reclining feature of the backrest, with an adjustable seat tilt you can pair the angles of the backrest and seat itself to achieve your ideal sitting position for health, comfort, and an improved mindset overall.


  • Lumbar support

What is lumbar support? The lumbar is the lower area of our back, which consists of five vertebrae between the diaphragm and sacrum. Lumbar support, in furniture, is a design that focuses on keeping the lumbar region of the back comfortable.

Good lumbar support is critical in keeping you comfortable and at a good posture, and the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair has the best lumbar support quality and adjustability available.




With the competing products only having 3-5 points of adjustability, the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair is number one in terms of adjustability and ergonomic capability.


What is the most durable office chair?

Not only is 50 hours a lot of time for you to spend sitting in a week, but that is 50 hours a week of wear and tear for the chair that you sit on. This is why it is imperative that you invest in a chair that is durable and built to sustain its quality for the entirety of your working career. If done right, buying a chair is a process you should only have to do once, so that’s why we’re here to find which chair will last you the longest.

With a 3 year warranty, the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair is made to last

Designed to carry a maximum weight of 350 lbs, it can withstand the most use for the price. Comparatively, the IKEA HATTEFJÄLL can only hold 243 lbs and the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro only 300. The weight capacity of the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair’s is rivalled only by the 396 lbs limit of the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series, but this would come at an additional cost of $939 more, for a meagre additional 46 more lbs, and would result in losing out on the RISEDESK advantage of 2x more adjustability.


How easy is it to assemble an office chair?

With RISEDESK, the journey from the first click of your mouse to sitting in your assembled chair has never been smoother. No one likes paying and waiting for delivery, and we at RISEDESK don’t want you to miss out on a single day that the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair could be improving your comfort, mindset, and productivity. RISEDESK streamlines the process with our guaranteed 2-day delivery, totally free of charge.


Once arrived at your door, all of our products are simple and intuitive to assemble. Simply follow along with the instructional video on our website, and your chair will be built perfectly within 30 minutes, start to finish. Your chair will be ready to improve your life before you know it.


What is the most affordable office chair?

The office chair with the lowest price is the IKEA HATTEFJÄLL at $399. However, this low price comes at the cost of two essential points of adjustability, and fast and free shipping. At a slightly higher $499, the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair makes no compromises, and puts the money where it counts. Providing you with quality and design superior to luxury brands at a price comparable to budget brands, RISEDESK is the balanced choice. Here, you can save money while buying the product that spares no expense in quality

The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series and the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro are both priced at higher points than the RISEDESK Rise Ergonomic Office Chair, and don’t have nearly as many features. With RISEDESK’s unparalleled design, your choice is made simple.


What makes a good chair design?

Form and function. 

A good design requires a balanced blend between a focus on form and function, a balance that RISEDESK has mastered. It is in terms of design where the competition isn’t even close to the level achieved by RISEDESK. 


The RISEDESK Rise Ergonomic Office Chair looks and feels like a dream. Available in two gorgeous colourways, Stone Grey and  Midnight Black, the woven mesh perfectly complements the curved smooth ergonomic frame, providing optimum airflow aesthetically. RISEDESK understands style, and the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair will blend seamlessly into your space, its minimalist approach to furniture perfectly rounding off any personal office space.

Lining the RISEDESK chair is breathable woven material, a clear upgrade from the leather alternatives at IKEA and Secretlab.

The design of the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair has a level of function that is unparalleled by competitors. Missing from the ergonomic office chair models from IKEA and Secretlab, the headrest of the chair offers vital support for improved posture, as well as additional adjustability. 

You will find that the Autonomous ErgoChair Pro mirrors the RISEDESK Rise Ergonomic Office Chair in having similar shapes of the frame, and both with woven fabric casings. But which model is better?

The answer is clear at first glance: the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair cannot be beat.

With the highest levels of adjustability, durability, ease of acquisition and assembly, affordability, and design than any other product in the market, RISEDESK is the choice that will best suit your needs, and elevate your space and lifestyle.

Invest in the spaces you spend your time in, and find out just how powerful the effects they bring you can truly be.

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