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Which Standing Desk Converter is Best For You?

risedesk standing desk converter 36 inch 37 inch black riser

Not enough room for a standing desk? You don’t want to purchase and assemble a full size standing desk? Always on the go? When your routine doesn’t have room for a standing desk, getting your hands on a standing desk converter instead is the next best thing, and just maybe the choice that is best for you. There are  many reasons why a standing desk converter might be the better fit for your lifestyle, and thankfully RISEDESK has two amazing models to choose from, so you can experience the effects of ergonomics without having to compromise. But what are the differences?  What is the best standing desk converter?

The RISEDESK Standing Desk Converters

rise standing desk converter black 36 inch rise mobile standing desk converter risedesk

Standing Desk Converter


Mobile Desk Converter


Transitioning between sitting and standing throughout the long work day with a standing desk converter provides numerous health benefits for the body such as increased blood flow and reduced aches and pains. Both durable and portable, both standing desk products easily hold multiple monitors, or a variety of laptop and monitor combinations. Now to examine and compare the details more closely.

Standing Desk Converter Comparison Chart


standing desk converter comparison chart table risedesk which is better best


  • Tiers

The 36” Standing Desk Converter has a two-tiered design, while the Mobile Desk Converter is one single surface. The better option in this case depends on the ways you plan on using your Standing Desk Converter. If you frequently use a mechanical keyboard with your monitors, then the dual tiered design of the 36” Standing Desk Converter allows you to customize your work area to create the workflow you need, and the keyboard tray is removable using the provided hex tool if you want more flexibility. If your work routine lends itself more to laptop use than monitors and keyboards, then the Mobile Desk Converter’s single smooth surface is perfect for you to place your laptop on, and type at the ideal eye and wrist level.


  • Dimensions

 standing desk converter dimensions height adjustment

The 36” Standing Desk Converter is slightly larger than the Mobile Desk Converter, with a 36” by 16” surface, 576 square inches in total. This is compared to the Mobile Desk Converter’s 26” by 20” surface, which comes out to 520 square inches in total. The difference in sizes roots from the target customer’s needs of each model. In the case of the Standing Desk Converter, the larger surface area, as well as the additional surface area of the removable keyboard tier, is helpful to support additional monitors and electronics. This is why the Mobile Desk Converter’s comparatively smaller size is the ideal size to support laptops or mobile devices, and be exceptionally portable.

In terms of height range, the 36” Standing Desk Converter stands between 4” and 17”, which is a range of 13 inches of adjustability. The Mobile Desk Converter has a whole 14 inches of adjustability, standing from 2” to 16” tall. The extensive height ranges of both products ensure that no matter the height of the surface you place your converter on, or the height that you stand at, RISEDESK will be able to rise to meet you at the ideal level for your productivity, health, and happiness.

  • Frame
standing desk converter frame risedesk

Informed from engineering and physics, the design of the high grade steel frames of the Standing Desk Converters are optimized for maximum weight capacity and strength at every level of elevation. The X design adds an incredible level of durability, so you can trust your desk converter to be there for you when you need it, and last. The pneumatic spring lift allows simple and smooth height adjustment at the squeeze of a handle in both models, so adjustment is intuitive, easy, and extremely quick as to not waste your time, energy, or focus while working.

  • Weight Capacity

The 36” Standing Desk Converter has a larger weight capacity than the Mobile Desk Converter, capable of holding 33 lbs on its main desk top surface, and 4 lbs on the keyboard tray. The Mobile Desk Converter holds a comparative 22 lbs, which makes sense due to the lighter nature of mobile devices and laptops when compared to heavy monitors and keyboards.

  • Color Options
black colour desk risedesk

Both products are available in a classic black color, so not only will your Standing Desk Converter improve the quality of your work routine, but you will look sharp and smart while doing it.

  • Warranty
warranty shipping money back price free risedesk policy

We believe in the quality of our products, so there is a built-in 1 year warranty on both Standing Desk Converter models. If you find a problem with your product, we will be happy to sort that out with you. RISEDESK products are designed to make your life easier and healthier, so we will do everything we can to ensure that is exactly what they deliver.

  • Shipping

You will get your Standing Desk Converter shipped to you within 2 days for free. We don’t want to waste any time that your new product could be improving your way of life, so that is why we get it to you as fast as possible, always for free.

  • Price

Because of the 36” Standing Desk Converter’s increased size and array of features to best serve users with large monitor and keyboard setups, it stands at a slightly higher price of $245 when compared to the Mobile Desk Converter’s price of $195. At the end of the day, both standing desk converters are fantastic options, and extremely affordable compared to the functionality of full-scale Standing Desks they provide, and the quality and durability you will be getting. 

The choice we recommend you make depends on the ways that you picture yourself using your Standing Desk Converter, so it is best to figure out first which one is the best match for your needs and lifestyle. Either way, your new addition will have a significant positive impact on your work routine, subsequently improving all other areas of your life. Let the improvement begin today.

Which standing desk converter do you think fits your lifestyle better?
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