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Why You Need a Standing Desk Converter

What is a standing desk converter?

A standing desk converter is a tool that allows you to  seamlessly transform your workspace from sitting to standing by simply adding elevation to the tabletop of your current immovable desk. 

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Introducing a standing desk converter into your office routine will allow you to combat the sinister consequences of staying seated for extended periods of time, including increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, abnormal cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. 

Did you know that staying seated for more than 8 hours a day has effects on your lifespan akin to smoking and living with obesity? 

This is why it is so imperative that we counter the time we spend seated with time spent standing as well.

Standing desks, while being the natural solution to following this advice to better health and productivity, are a big investment, and not always immediately feasible. The Rise Standing Desk by RISEDESK is a fantastic product that efficiently and effectively takes your workstation to new heights, but a standing desk converter might be the solution for you depending on your specific lifestyle.



When is a standing desk converter the better option for you?

1. You Want to Try the Experience of a Standing Desk Before Fully Committing

A standing desk is a big, long-term investment that takes much thought before making. How will you know if a standing desk is right for you? Are standing desks worth it? It is here that you need not look any further than to a standing desk converter, which  simulates the experience of working at a standing desk at a cheap and  affordable price. So, if you find that the effects of truncating time spent sitting really do positively influence your day, you will be able to confidently upgrade with assurance to a standing desk, risk and worry free.

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2. Your Workspace Is Unsuitable for a Standing Desk

Not every worker has a personal office space that lends itself to a standing desk. With the diversity of homes and living situations, many work at dining room tables, kitchen counters, and built-ins that just cannot be practically swapped out for a standing desk due to space or other limitations. With a standing desk converter, even unconventional workspaces can become havens for improving posture and feeling the healing effects of standing. The standing desk converter adapts your workspace to you, so you don’t have to.

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3. Affordability is Your Priority

Maybe you’re just not in a place right now where you can afford to make the investment into a standing desk, and that is ok. With the standing desk converter, you don’t have to give up your savings in order to improve your posture, health, and subsequently your mood and productivity. At the affordable prices of  $195 and  $245, the two standing desk converter models by RISEDESK strike the  ideal balance between quality and affordability, so you can own a premium product without having to save up for a premium price.

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4. You Need Portability and Flexibility

If your job requires you to constantly be on the go, moving around a large standing desk is incredibly impractical. With a standing desk converter, no matter where the table you find yourself at is located, the tool can swiftly rise and lower depending on your preferred work level every moment, and  provide you with the benefits of a standing desk on the go.

stand up desk converter

Identifying your needs opens the door to finding the product best suited to addressing them, and RISEDESK has you covered at every angle. 


Convert Your Space

Built with an  X frame structure for  maximized durability and weight capacity, the RISEDESK Standing Desk Converters enhance your work experience at every level. 

With the classic  RISEDESK Black 37” Desk Riser, you will own a desktop that supports up to 33 pounds, perfectly suited to any desk setup combination of monitors and laptops. An impressive feature is the pneumatic spring lift, which ensures that the height adjustment is simple and smooth, at just the squeeze of a handle. The height adjustment range adds anywhere from  4” to 17” to the top of your desk, so you are free to customize the specific height to your preferences at every moment in the day. Topped off with a removable keyboard tray and a dual tiered design, the RISEDESK Black 37” Desk Riser is designed to optimize your workflow, and using the provided hex tool you can tailor it to your needs as a worker.

The Mobile Desk Converter provides similar optimization and functionality, made from the same  high grade metal steel as the Black 37” Desk Riser, and with the same height range from 4 to 17 inches. Built with a smaller surface for workers who find themselves with only a laptop at their desks during the day, the lower price of  $195 is fantastic for all of the benefits it provides.

So, let's revisit the question again. Are desk risers worth it?

Standing desk converters just might be the solution that you need to elevate and ameliorate your workspace and routine, inexpensively allowing you to avoid long stretches of time spent sitting at a desk and the resulting health effects.  Make your needs a priority, and see just how much you are rewarded in improved health and productivity.


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