RISE black standing desk mat

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To protect your floors, and keep your feet comfortable, find out about the product you didn't even know you needed. What is a standing desk mat, and why do yo need one?

Ergonomicsstanding desk health benefits

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Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular these days. They allow us to stand instead of sitting at our desk, thus avoiding the harmful effects of sitting for prolonged periods of time. But j...

ErgonomicsMotorized standing desk wood

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Did you know that some of the greatest minds in history were fans of the standing desk? Amidst the recent 21st century craze for sit-stand desks, convertible and standing desks were invented long ...

ErgonomicsRISE electric standing desk

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As you spend more time working from home, you're going to want an ergonomic workspace. Your secret weapon? The Rise Standing Desk. Read on to understand the science behind the ergonomics of this fe...

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So, you finally upgraded to an ergonomic office chair. What now? Customizing your ergonomic chair will aid in reaching maximal comfort and efficacy in lumbar and posture support. Follow this step-t...