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Why You Need a Home Office

The pandemic’s shift towards a remote working style caused a mass leave from the office, and left people scrambling for spaces to work in their homes, particularly those without home offices. This represented  one third of the population who don’t even have a dedicated workspace, let alone a home office in their home. As a result, workers everywhere resorted to working at kitchen counters, on couches, or worst of all – from bed. Questions arose from the chaos:

Do I need a home office space? Is a home office worth the investment?

We are here to tell you why a home office really is essential. If you want to succeed in today’s competitive job market, it is imperative to have a good working environment. Having a home office space can give you the boost you need to achieve your goals. Here is why you should invest in your own personal office space.

8 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Personal Home Office Space


1. Remote Work is Here to Stay

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The Covid-19 pandemic forced many businesses to shift their operations online, and even as we ease out of the restrictions, it appears as though this shift will remain semi-permanent. According to the NAR, 47% of American workers now telecommute at least part time, and this number is only expected to increase as more companies implement flexible work policies. In fact, 96% of American workers would prefer to work from home at least once per week. With all signs pointing towards the permanent fixture of remote work into our work culture, creating your own home office space has never been more timely, and you can be sure that it will be an investment that pays off in its use down the line.


2. You Need Quiet, With No Distractions

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The flexibility of working from home is an important benefit for many workers, but it also brings its share of challenges. In order to succeed at working from home, you need to establish a comfortable environment where you can focus without distractions. By blocking off your own personal office space, you limit your exposure to the distractions of your home, and if you share your home with others, your office will be a quiet escape from their noise, setting you up for optimal focus and productivity.


3. Separation Between Work and Home Life

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By separating the areas of your home physically between home and work, you allow your mind to do the same with more ease. This way, there will be less confusion surrounding what types of activities you should be doing in each area of your home. Instead, you will subconsciously know to get work done in your office, and be more relaxed in the areas of your home that you do not work in, allowing yourself to truly rest in moments away from your job. 


4. Boosts Value of Home

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Because a home office makes such a difference in one’s mindset and productivity levels, it is a valuable commodity that will increase the value of your home. This way, the investment in a home office will not only pay off in its benefits to your work and self-actualization, but monetarily if you ever decide to sublet or sell your space.


5. You Will Enjoy Being in Your Office

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A reason which may seem too simple to count, actually enjoying the time that you spend in your office makes all of the difference in practice. When you like being in your work space, you will like working, and the time you spend working won’t be a chore, but an opportunity for you to challenge yourself and learn something new. When you allow yourself to enjoy the process of working, you end up being infinitely more productive, and even more importantly – happier. An office that makes you happy while you work is priceless, and easily worth the investment in its creation.


6. Overhead Costs Incentivize Work

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When you put a lot of money, time, and effort into building and organizing an office space, you are then given an incentive to work in order to make the investment worthwhile. This incentive is an extraordinary help in making sure that you maintain discipline and remain productive throughout the day, getting the best use of your new space.


7. Increased Comfort Reduces Stress

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When you aren’t having to constantly adjust your own behavior to work in an unconventional setting, you can truly start to put all of your focus on work. An office space that is comfortable and adapts to your needs, with ergonomic furniture for example, is a place where you will be able to leave stress behind, and be at peace while you work.


8. Something to be Proud of

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Working towards a personal office space that you designed and decorated yourself can be incredibly rewarding. The pride of having created something that you like and truly positively impacts your work routine gives you confidence that helps to boost your productivity even more. This way, not only will you be proud of the office space that you curated yourself, but the impressive work that you are able to achieve when sitting in it.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, making the investment into a personal home office space will benefit your life at all levels, even going beyond your efficiency at work to help you achieve personal fulfillment. You can start by selecting the optimal place for working productively, and then begin choosing the  best furniture to fill it with.  Follow our guide here for the best ways to maximize the potential of your office. How will you decorate your office space?

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