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Which Ergonomic Office Chair is the Best For You?

Scientists advise that you split your work days between periods of sitting and standing for optimal health. For those moments when you are sitting,  do it right.

When you decide to embrace the power of ergonomics and allow the technology to improve your back health when sitting, you are in luck. Risedesk offers two fantastic models of ergonomic office chairs to choose from, but which one is better? What are the differences? Take a look at the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair and the Skye Ergonomic Office Chair with us, and find out which chair is the best fit for you!

The RISEDESK Ergonomic Office Chairs



Let ergonomics shape your furniture to your needs by choosing either the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair or the Skye Ergonomic Office Chair, the two ergonomic chair products by RISEDESK. Find out which chair is the best fit for your work routine, and let the improvement begin today. Now to examine and compare the details of the chairs more closely:

Ergonomic Office Chair Comparison Chart

table comparison chart chairs risedesk
  • Back Reclines

Both the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair and the Skye Ergonomic Office Chair recline up to 40 degrees to provide you with the rest and mobility that you need while working long hours. Comfortable and perfect for a quick break to re-energize and start again.

risedesk chair adjustability
  • Chair Height Adjusts

With both chair models, adjust its height by up to 4" to personalize your chair to your desired height. This feature ensures that you get the comfort you wish and are seated in the best position possible.

risedesk chair adjustability

  • Lumbar Support Height Adjusts

Feel the healing effects of the innovative and adjustable lumber design of both the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair and the Skye Ergonomic Office Chair. Increasing up to 2" vertically, adjust your lumbar support height to reduce stress on your lower back and support your spine for those long hours at the desk.

lumbar support adjustability
  • Lumbar Support Firmness Adjusts

Both the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair and the Skye Ergonomic Office Chair come with adjustable lumbar support up to 2" inwards to keep your lower back supported for optimal health, posture, and comfort. You’ll be able to relax, because RISEDESK has your back.

lumbar support risedesk chair adjustability
  • Headrest Adjusts

You will get a fantastic adjustable headrest with either model, that adjusts up to 2" vertically to keep your neck in the optimal position while working and minimizing any strain.

headrest adjustability risedesk
  • Armrest Adjusts

With the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair, the armrests adjust up to 4" vertically to relieve stress from your arms, customizing the chair to your desired fit, maximizing your comfort.

Even more adjustability within the armrests is included in the Skye Ergonomic Office Chair, where the armrests also adjust forwards and laterally. The Skye Ergonomic Office Chair comes with armrests that adjust up to 2" forwards and 4" upwards to relieve stress from your arms, and maximize your comfort. The soft armrests adjust laterally left and right to ergonomically support phone use while in your chair, so no matter your position or activity, you are supported.

armrest adjusts risedesk chair
  • Chair Back Adjusts Vertically

A feature unique to the Skye Ergonomic Office Chair, the seat back adjusts upwards with 7 stages, so that people of all heights can find their optimal fit for perfect health and comfort.

chair back adjusts risedesk
  • Seat Adjusts Forwards

Another feature that is only included with the Skye Ergonomic Office Chair, the comfortable seat cushion adjusts forward 2" to maintain an ergonomic 90 degree angle with the floor. Perfect for those with longer legs, the Skye Ergonomic Office Chair adapts to your shape, not the other way around.

seat extends adjustability risedesk chair
  • Jacket Hanger

The Skye Ergonomic Office Chair has a feature that is extremely rare in the market, which is a built-in jacket hanger. For the moments when you don’t have storage for coats in your office, or you want quick and easy access to your jacket, RISEDESK is there for you.

jacket hanger risedesk chair
  • Price

Both Ergonomic Chairs offer luxury-level quality at affordable prices, but between the two, the more affordable product is the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair at $445 CAD. With increased adjustability and more features at $645 stands the Skye Ergonomic Office Chair

  • Color Options

You can always count on being stylish with furniture from RISEDESK, and the Ergonomic Office Chairs are no exception. With a gorgeous array of color options for both models, your Ergonomic Office Chair will elevate your office space while elevating you.

The Rise Ergonomic Office Chair is available in Stone Grey, and Midnight Black, two classic choice tinctures of the chair’s sleek, modern frame.

rise colours

The Skye Ergonomic Office Chair is available in Dark Grey, Midnight Black, and Pacific Blue. Still offering the signature black color of all risedesk products in Midnight Black, the Dark Grey tone is a slightly darker and sharper version of Stone Grey, and the Pacific Blue is a vibrant stunning option unique to the Skye Chair.

skye colours

Which Chair Should You Buy?

Now that you have reviewed the differences between the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair and the Skye Ergonomic Office Chair, you can now decide which one is more suited to your specific lifestyle and needs. If the additional features of the Skye Ergonomic Chair are extremely valuable to your specific work routine, then you will find a perfect match in its commitment to quality and durability. If you are looking for a more affordable chair that is still at the forefront of quality, then your perfect fit may be with the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair. Wherever you are, a chair from us will rise to meet you, and you will rise with it.

skye ergonomic office chair

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