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Top 10 Standing Desks, Ranked

Having the newest computer, or the most expensive chair is no longer the be-all end-all of offices  –  no office is complete without an electric adjustable-height standing desk. Shifting between sitting and standing while working reverses the damage done to the health of your mind and body by sitting for extended periods of time, revitalizing your motivation to be productive. It was reported that  65% of people who make the change experienced increased productivity and better concentration ability, in addition to being more active, refreshed, awake, limber and energetic. For workers who spend their days sitting at a desk, making the switch to an adjustable standing desk is indispensable, especially when all you have to do is change your desk for an ameliorated work routine at every level.

The secret of the adjustable standing desk is out, and an increasing number of brands are releasing their own models, causing the journey to selecting the right desk for you to be pretty daunting. This is why we have done the fieldwork for you, and compiled a ranked list of the 10 best standing desk products on the market, with number 1 being the best standing desk you can get.

What is the Best Standing Desk?

  1. Autonomous  SmartDesk Core



The SmartDesk Core by  Autonomous is a solid choice and design, with features we appreciate such as the touch screen handlebar and dual motors. The other models on this list just happen to be better, and with Autonomous now out of business, you can no longer buy a SmartDesk Core.

Price: $689.00

  1. Staples  Motionwise Electric Height Adjustable Desk



The  Motionwise Electric Height Adjustable Desk by  Staples is priced on the lower end of this list, but not without notable weaknesses. Though it has a touchscreen handlebar, sleek design, and dual motors, the electronics have a tendency to burn out, and the legs are often faulty.

Price: $499.99

  1. IKEA  Bekant

ikea bekant


IKEA is often regarded as a budget friendly brand, and their standing desk is clean and easy to assemble. The  Bekant Standing Desk, however, is not the cheapest on this list, and has turbulent electronics that may stop lifting and descending the desktop after little use.

Price: $519.00

  1. Ergonofis  The Sway Desk



One of the most expensive desks featured on this list, the  ergonofis Sway Desk has reliable technology and a sturdy design, faulted simply in its bulky appearance and inferior handlebar. When the touch screen handlebar is built into the surface of the desktop, not only does it interfere with the way that you arrange your items on your desk, but you cannot switch out the table top. It also only has 2 memory keys, so there is a limit to the desk’s ability to adapt to and remember your routine.

Price: $1,795.00

  1. HumanScale  EFloat Go



The  Human Scale Efloat Go is a good product, rightfully earning its spot for fifth place. The desk’s weaknesses come in its notably high price for less features than the top 4 on this list, and its unattractive, bulky design.

Price: $1500+

  1. EffyDesk  Business Office Standing Desk



The  EFFYDESK Business Office Standing Desk is a great product, with advanced technology, and all of the features you want to look for in a desk. The drawbacks lie in its unattractive, top-heavy design, and inferiority to the top 4 on this list.

Price: $815.00

  1. Fully  Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

fully jarvis


The  Fully Jarvis Standing Desk is a truly fantastic product, with an ergonomic design, and impressive weight capacity. The price places it as one of the more affordable options on this list, so it is a great choice if you are willing to sacrifice the added value of better products for a lower price.

Price: $599.00

  1. Uplift  V2 Standing Desk



Voted as the best by the  New York Times, the  Uplift V2 Standing Desk is an industry staple, with a great design and reliable, advanced technology. It is not farther up, however, because it only works for people that stand between 5’4” and 7’ tall, a much more limited range than many of the desks on this list – especially the top 2 models. The price, however, is much lower than many products on this list, so is an attribute this desk does have.

Price: $599.00

  1. Herman Miller  Renew Sit to Stand

herman miller


The luxury furniture company  Herman Miller’s take on the standing desk, the  Renew Sit to Stand, is the most expensive on this list by far, but is incredibly modern and has a unique design unlike the other products featured on this list. The exorbitant price, however, does not include any features not also present in our voted best desk, and the handlebar is limited when compared to other models.

Price: $2,495.00

  1. RISEDESK  Rise Standing Desk



The best desk you can get. Time and time again, the furniture startup  RISEDESK proves itself to be the best at its niche of electric standing desks. A perfect middle ground between the budget desks on this list, and the overpriced luxury brands, the  Rise Standing Desk has all of the features you could want: a touch screen handle bar with 4 memory keys for increased customization, a sleek wooden tabletop, a dual-motor system, and a minimalist and symmetrical design. Every dollar counts more with RISEDESK, with the most features compacted into the best quality product, fit to elevate any room. By choosing RISEDESK, you are choosing a product that will stay with you forever, both as an essential furniture piece in your home, and through the lasting effects that the upgrade will have on every day that you rise.

Price: $945.00 - $1,245

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