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The Ergonomics of the Rise Ergonomic Office Chairs, Explained

Whether you know it or not, clocking in from 9-5 to a daily desk job can have major repercussions on your body. This kind of sedentary lifestyle can cause various health issues that can worsen if unaddressed, particularly to your spine. Fortunately, the sudden rise in remote work from the pandemic has led to a spike in awareness of ergonomic workspaces. Working from home, you’ve probably realized how tired or uncomfortable your own work set-up is; lower back pain, aching shoulders, or a sore neck are all common experiences. If you’ve heard of the idea of an ergonomic chair, it might be just what you need to elevate your office. But before anything, let’s go into the root of what ‘ergonomics’ truly means.

Generally, ergonomics is the study of people in their working environment. The primary goal is to have work fit the worker, and is best described by Designer Yves Behar who said, “Ergonomics is about design that treats the body well”. In the context of office furniture, ergonomic design aims to best support someone’s posture, comfort, and efficiency. 

Since each body is different, customizability is highly important for making each chair suitable for each user. Products like the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair provide multiple customizable features that can tailor every area to your unique needs. These essential components help facilitate the most supportive experience for those long work hours. Whether you work a traditional office job or just find yourself glued to your desk, this chair adapts specifically to the user’s body to provide the most comfortable and sustainable workspace for any lifestyle. 

Let’s explore the features in more detail and see how they can adjust to each user for their improved health. 

The Rise Ergonomic Office Chair features a customizable chair height for up to 4 inches of adjustment. One of the most well-known ergonomic tips is to have your elbows at 90 degree angles with your desk, and adjusting the height of your chair is the best way to achieve that. It relieves stress on your shoulders and also allows your wrists to be straight while typing, which is better for your joints. 

It also includes armrests that are adjustable with up to 4 inches of height. It’s simple to customize the armrests to be the perfect height for your shoulders to feel relaxed, while also being low enough to slip under whatever height desk you have. You might have never paid attention to your armrests, but studies from the Institute of Work and Health in Toronto have shown that arm support can reduce arm injuries. They reduce muscle tension for the shoulders and spine, and overall can prevent a lot of discomfort over time. These padded armrests are actually made out of PU artificial leather, which is highly durable against cracking or being worn down.

The lumbar support cushion is height and firmness adjustable. This hidden feature packs a huge difference after long hours at your desk, and it can immediately make your seating feel more supported and comfortable. Depending on your height and body, the lumbar support can be moved a maximum of 2 inches upwards as well as inwards to provide maximum structure to the chair. The adjustment is through a simple push upwards or downwards, and it can be moved inwards or outwards with the handy dial. This intuitive design will change your workspace for the better by being perfectly adapted to your needs. 

One of the most fun features is the chair’s reclining back, made of breathable mesh. Whenever you need a quick stretch or break, the mesh back reclines by up to 40 degrees. This is great to get the blood flowing after a long work session, and of course, you can customize the resistance to your liking with the dial at the bottom of the chair.

Finally, the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair has a detachable and adjustable headrest. A good-fitting headrest prevents you from hunching forward and putting unnecessary pressure on your back or shoulders. It's made out of the same mesh as the back, with a rounded design perfect for supporting your neck’s optimal position. You can tilt it to be more upwards or downwards facing, and its sturdy design keeps it secure. It also can slide up to 2 inches higher, depending on the user’s height, and if headrests aren’t your thing, it’s even easily removable. 

After reviewing the ways that this chair can suit each unique body, taking the step to upgrade is definitely a great first step to building a healthier office space. It can prevent chronic issues that could arise long-term when working at your desk every single day. In the short term, investing in a premium piece of furniture would overall improve your workflow and your mood after those long hours. However, in the context of ergonomics, it’s important to realize that changing your chair may not solve all potential problems. The health of your work set-up depends not only on how you sit, but how you type, your lighting, your desk, and multiple other factors. 

Ultimately, a chair like the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair will make a huge difference in your lifestyle and workspace experience, as well as getting you started on a more healthy set-up. These kinds of highly customizable products are best for a diverse range of people, so it’s great whether you’re just getting into ergonomic furniture or you’re looking to upgrade to something that will truly adapt to your body. For more information about the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair, check out  this page

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