The Best Canadian Standing Desks for Your Home Office

The Best Canadian Standing Desks for Your Home Office

The time has come that you've decided to upgrade your work routine with a standing desk. Whether it be for the countless health benefits, or the boost it gives to your productivity, it can be daunting to pick the standing desk for you with so many options on the market.

Thankfully, we are here to break down the most important qualities of a standing desk, and let you know which brand is the best standing desk in each category, and overall.

What is the best standing desk to buy? And what should you look for when buying a standing desk?

Best warranty

Herman Miller is our pick for the best warranty on a standing desk, with a 12 year warranty for your desk. Some standing desk brands offer 15 year warranties on their desks which may appear to be favorable, but the exaggerated time is only a facade to project a high-quality image, often not being a high quality product. Herman Miller is internationally renowned for their quality, so if you are willing to pay for it, the warranty will serve you best.

Not willing to spend so much money on a standing desk? Risedesk offers an honest 10 year warranty on their high quality standing desk models that comes with a more reasonable price.

Herman Miller's Renew Sit-To-Stand


Best stock cable management

Humanscale's Standing Desk model is the best for cable management with its sister accessory, the NeatUp Cable Management Attachment Tray. The Tray is designed specifically for the standing desk, and attaches easily to organize all of your loose and unruly cables.

Have your heart set on a different model but value cable organization? Read this guide on how you can better organize your cables no matter which standing desk you buy.

Humanscale's Sit Stand Desk with Cable Management Accessories

Best memory settings

Risedesk's Rise Standing Desk sits above the competition when it comes to memory settings with its advanced handset, with four memory keys, the most of any standing desk brand. With the average being 2 memory key preset options, Risedesk's 4 memory keys doubles your power to customize your standing desk experience to your specific needs, so when you switch between your different work modes, all it takes is the simple press of a button.

What is a memory key?

The memory keys seamlessly recall multiple preset heights chosen by the user, so after initially adjusting the desk to meet the various levels at which you will sit or stand throughout the day, a simple tap of a memory key will efficiently adjust the desktop height to that saved level. When you need to switch your desk from its current position, the transition is smooth, fast, and most importantly, easy, so that you can save your energy for the tasks that truly matter.

Risedesk's Rise Standing Desk

Best standing desk for small spaces

The VIVO 32 inch Desk Converter is the best for small spaces, being small enough to pack up and transport on the go. This desk riser is so compact that you can take it to work anywhere, optimizing the workflow of any location you can dream up. The VIVO standing desk converter is great for those who are on the go all the time, and often need to work in new places.

The Vivo 32 Inch Desk Converter

Want an electric standing desk that is still small enough to fit in a condo or apartment? In this case, we recommend the Autonomous CompactDesk Core and the Risedesk Small Standing Desk, two great options for when you want a compact, high quality solution to standing in your smaller space.

Risedesk's Small Standing Desk

Best Overall

The best standing desk overall, after careful and thorough testing, is undoubtedly the RISEDESK Rise Standing Desk.

The Rise Stand Desk has been designed for comfort and ease of use. Its unique design allows users to adjust the height of the desk to suit them perfectly, quickly and smoothly adjustable as you switch between standing and sitting throughout the day. This means that you don't need to spend hours trying to find the perfect position for your body, and in addition, it won't cost you an arm and a leg that some other, less versatile models would. With its modern and durable dual motor design, Risedesk customers get the best balance of quality, style, and affordability. It's not the most expensive or the fanciest on the market, but for its price point, the Rise Standing Desk gets you the most bang for your buck.

Get it here:

The Risedesk Standing Desk

What makes the best sit/stand desks? How we made our choice for the best in Category standing desks:

Standing desks are great for reducing stress and improving productivity. But there are many different types out there, with each one having its pros and cons. We evaluated all of the best models to find the best standing desk overall.

After extensive testing, we chose these categories to depict the quality of the standing desk:

  • Material

There are many table board materials for lifting tables on the market, such as: solid wood board (finger-joint board) or environmental protection panel (multi-layer solid wood board/particle board/particle board).

The recommended order goes:

solid wood board > multi-layer solid wood board > particle board

The best quality is solid wood board, but the price is very expensive. The second is multi-layer solid wood. As for the tempered glass tabletop, you can decide according to your own preferences.

  • Quality

Look at the design of the desk. Are the drawers sturdy enough? Do the handles fit securely? Can you adjust the height easily? These are just some examples of questions to ask yourself about the quality of the desk.

Additionally, look at the materials used to build the desk. Is it made of metal or plastic? Metal stands tend to be heavier and less portable, but they are usually stronger than plastic models. Plastic models are lighter and easier to move around, but they are not as strong.

  • Lifting Range and Weight Capacity

The lifting range refers to the highest position when it is raised and the lowest position when it is lowered. This is best determined according to its own height and usage scenarios.

The lifting range of mainstream electric lifting tables on the market is mostly around 71-123 cm. Tall people can choose a lifting table with a higher range, and a short stature is recommended to choose a lifting column with a lower range.

If the height requirements are high, you also need to pay attention to the clearance of standing desks. The gap is small and the lifting distance is relatively short.

The load-bearing performance of an electric lifting table can indirectly reflect the quality of standing desks. A lifting table with good load-bearing performance can not only bear more weight of objects, but also not have poor stability during the lifting process.

  • Adjustment Speed and Number of Motors

The motor is the core of the electric lifting table. The more the number of motors, the better the stability and load-bearing capacity of standing desks.

At present, the electric lifting tables on the market are mainly single-motor and dual-motor, both of which can meet the normal use needs, so there is no need to worry too much. If you pursue the ultimate experience or have special needs, it is natural to choose dual motors or multiple motors. The reasons are:

The single motor is installed on one side of the table leg, and drives the other side of the table leg to lift and lower through the connecting rod drive.

Dual motors are installed on both sides of the motor, through the middle controller to achieve simultaneous lifting on both sides. Dual motors offer faster and smoother adjustment.

Start Standing Now

What is your favorite standing desk we've recommended? Our pick is Risedesk but it is important to find the desk that best fits your personal needs. The initiative to switch to a sit-to-stand lifestyle is highly commendable, and endlessly rewarding, so now all you need to do is pick. The choice is yours. 

What standing desk will you choose?

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