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Refurbishment or Reimagining?-The Choice Your Workplace Makes

You can create a sustainable, waste-free workspace for yourself. You will enjoy long-term benefits not only for your pocket but also overall wellbeing!

Refurbishing or reimagining? This is the question every office has to ask themselves when deciding what they want their workplace to be. A refurbishment can often seem like a great idea, it’s an opportunity for reflection on branding, community and design. But what does it say if you choose to abandon your past by disposing of furniture and equipment that helped get your business so far?


Return toner cartridges

Have you ever wondered how many empty cartridges end up in landfills every year? The average American throws away 200 pieces of cartridge-based trash each month. But there is no need! Many printing supplies companies will take them back for reuse or recycling, so it's easy to cut down on your environmental footprint by taking these valuable recyclable items with you when shopping at any office supply store near me.

Paper clips, staple wires, and small trinkets and accessories

Paper clips are recyclable, so why not get them into your recycling bin? It is easy for you to do. All that needs to happen now is for paper clip collectors like yourself and other environmental organizations or businesses alike need only put their smaller items in bulk together at one time instead of each collecting individually when they come across these treasures as trash!

Staple wires are small enough to be included in recycled paper, so you don't need to take them apart. The staple ends of staples can still have their useful life extended with crafts or other activities if they're damaged and then taken into recycling centers for disposal like scrap metal.

How do I make this recycling process efficient? One simple yet helpful idea is to have a recycling bin, where you can place the used items and then come back for them later. This way there's no need to gather up your old newspapers every time they're due at the recycler; just put it in one of these handy receptacles! The best part? You get two different types: trash or recycle bins depending on what kind doesn't work well with any other type we've seen so far (ice cream tubs seem like an awesome choice). If taking care of our waste properly sounds daunting though - don’t worry because as long as those pesky kids aren't getting into everything around here anyway.

Transitioning to a sit-stand lifestyle with your old desk

As a way to try out the sit-stand lifestyle but still keep your old desk, you can recycle it. You just have to install an elevated space converter on top of your existing one that will allow for working from both positions without sacrificing either form factor!

Start with the basics and get into a sustainable, waste-free lifestyle. You can do this by recycling simple things like paper or plastics! It's not only good for your wallet but also helps make you feel better overall in terms of wellness.

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