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How Do You Use Your RISEDESK?

The products at RISEDESK are designed to make your life healthier and easier, and to elevate your space. How do the creative RISEDESK customers use their adjustable standing desks? Here is a showcase of the inventive and modern setups that our customers were able to achieve with RISEDESK. See our wonderful products in action, and get some inspiration about how you will use yours to decorate your space!


1. Natural, Homey, and Whimsical

This customer used their RISEDESK to complete their bright and natural desk setup, and it looks fantastic. What could be better than a workspace that you actually enjoy spending time in?


Item :  Rise Standing Desk in Medium / Pear / White


2. Sharp, Modern, and Urban

In a city, sometimes a dark and modern approach is the best. This RISEDESK customer completed their modern, concrete space with the Rise Standing Desk in Walnut and Black, adding a sleek natural touch as the elegant foundation of their sharp setup.


Item :  Rise Standing Desk in Large / Walnut / Black


3. Sleek, Elegant, and Dark

This customer used the modern and timeless look of their large Rise Standing Desk to perfectly balance the dark and modern elements of their setup with the natural and lighter components. If you need proof that everything looks good with a RISEDESK, look no further than how well this desk complements both the houseplant and the black accessories simultaneously!


Item :  Rise Standing Desk in Large / Walnut / Black


4. Black and Red Gaming Setup

Picking a color palette for your space helps everything look cohesive, shown by this customer who used the signature colors of red and black to tie all of the elements in their gaming setup together perfectly! Read  here about how to choose your signature color, as well as more tips on how to improve your home office space.


Item :  Rise Standing Desk in Medium / Black / Black


5. Minimalist and Grey

When minimalism is a style that works for you, narrowing down the belongings you decorate to the most essential frees up your space, and makes everything look cleaner and more organized. Look how fantastic the Rise Standing Desk looks here, no embellishments needed.

Item :  Rise Standing Desk in Large / Walnut / Black


6. Bright, Warm Setup

A favorite RISEDESK product is the Live Edge Epoxy Desk, which makes any space look incredibly elegant and tasteful. Look at how this customer used their RISEDESK to bring their space to the next level, pairing it with all black accessories and gorgeous natural lighting to brighten up any space. Read about the importance of natural light in your space  here.


Item :  Live Edge Epoxy Desk in Black Live Edge / Black


7. Plants, Wood, and Black Accessories

The lighter variations of RISEDESK products look fantastic when paired with darker accessories, too. This customer’s Rise Standing Desk immediately brings life into their room, the wooden surface acting as a perfect base for all of their belongings to perfectly blend together. And who doesn’t love plants?


Item :  Rise Standing Desk in Medium / Pear / White 


8. All-White Modern Setup

This customer placed a matching all-white desk in their all-white room, creating an incredibly modern, clean, and minimalist atmosphere. Sometimes going monochrome is better, and the peaceful space this customer created definitely makes a case for it.


Item :  Rise Standing Desk in Medium / White / White 


How Do You Decorate Your Space With RISEDESK?

What RISEDESK product do you think fits best in your space, and how would you decorate it? Find our products  here, and send us your completed setups when you are done – we love to see them!

Which setup from this showcase was your favorite?

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