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How to Choose the Standing Desk for You

Why Are Standing Desks Becoming So Popular?

As more and more people pay attention to their health, standing desks have gradually become the best choice for many people to work. What makes standing desks the best new choice for so many people? Here are a few simple reasons:

  1. Proper office posture can prevent the effects of prolonged sitting, such as diseases of the cervical spine, shoulder spine, waist and hip, etc.

  1. It is highly adaptable and can be adjusted to whatever height you require. If it is placed at home, both adults and children can use it – it is suitable for all ages.

  1. The alternate way of sitting and standing is conducive to a diversification of thinking as well. A standing desk stimulates creative inspiration, relieves fatigue, and helps to improve work efficiency.

The truth is clear and simple: standing desks are the solution you need to staying healthier and more productive. The only question that remains is whether you are willing to act on this truth. Here is a buying guide so that you can figure out how to choose the right standing desk for you and your personal needs.

What Are the Types Of Standing Desks?


To put it simply, standing desks on the market can be divided into three types: electric lifting type, pneumatic lifting type and hand-cranking type. Among them, the electric lifting type has the distinction of single motor, double motor and multi-motor.

1. Electric

It mainly relies on the motor to control the pushing device, and realizes one-key automatic lifting and lowering through buttons or switches. The advantage is that the operation is simple, the functions are complete, and the lift is smooth and smooth. The disadvantage is that it is more expensive and cannot be used in the case of a power failure or no power supply. This is the best type, and the type of standing desk that Risedesk has perfected in their  Rise Standing Desk.

2. Pneumatic Lift

It is more common on lifting platforms, similar to the principle of ergonomic chairs, relying on gas springs to lift and lower. The advantage is that the lifting speed is fast, the volume is small, and it does not take up space. The disadvantage is that the air pressure rod has a limited service life and may release pressure for long-term use.

3. Hand Crank

Mainly relies on the hand crank to adjust the table top to reach the height that suits you. The advantage is that the price is cheap, the operation is simple, the adjustment does not require electricity, and the placement position can be moved arbitrarily. The disadvantage is obvious, the lifting operation is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and there are certain restrictions on the lifting height.

What performance-related parameters should be paid attention to when purchasing an electric lift table?

Buying a standing desk is a process that requires patience, and this chapter is also the core of this article, so you should take a look at:

1. The Number of Motors

The motor is the core of the electric lifting table. The more the number of motors, the better the stability and load-bearing capacity of standing desks.

At present, the electric lifting tables on the market are mainly single-motor and dual-motor, both of which can meet the normal use needs, so there is no need to worry too much. If you pursue the ultimate experience or have special needs, it is natural to choose dual motors or multiple motors. The reasons are:

The single motor is installed on one side of the table leg, and drives the other side of the table leg to lift and lower through the connecting rod drive.

Dual motors are installed on both sides of the motor, through the middle controller to achieve simultaneous lifting on both sides.

2. The Motor Brand

In addition to the number of motors, the brand of the motor is also very important, and everyone knows the reasons. Choose well-known brands as much as possible, both quality and performance are not inferior to small workshops.

3. The Table Legs

The function of the lifting column is to support the table and at the same time adjust the height of standing desks. It is mainly divided into three sections and two sections, and there are also differences between formal and inverted.

Recommended order: three sections>two sections; formal installation>reverse installation. The three-section lifting column can lift a wider range of heights; compared with the inverted installation, the front installation is not only more beautiful, but also has better overall stability, and can also avoid the oil leakage caused by the sealing problem of the lifting column.

4. The Material and Size of the Table Top

There are many table board materials for lifting tables on the market, such as: solid wood board (finger-joint board), environmental protection panel (multi-layer solid wood board/particle board/particle board) and tempered glass.

Recommended order: solid wood board > multi-layer solid wood board > particle board > particle board. The best quality is solid wood board, but the price is very expensive. The second is multi-layer solid wood. As for the tempered glass tabletop, you can decide according to your own preferences.

When choosing the material of the table board, you should also pay attention to the size. It is best to measure the placement position before purchasing. The common table board size is 120×60cm, 120x70cm, if I have a requirement for the width, I choose the table board of 120x70cm.

The size of the desktop is not fixed, you can also contact customer service to customize the desktop if you have width and length requirements. If there is a plan to replace the large-sized table board in the later stage, you can pay attention to whether it can be shrunk when selecting the table frame.

5. The Lifting Range and Weight Capacity

The lifting range refers to the highest position when it is raised and the lowest position when it is lowered. This is best determined according to its own height and usage scenarios.

The lifting range of mainstream electric lifting tables on the market is mostly around 71-123cm. Tall people can choose a lifting table with a higher range, and a short stature is recommended to choose a lifting column with a lower range.

If the height requirements are high, you also need to pay attention to the clearance of standing desks. The gap is small and the lifting distance is relatively short.

The load-bearing performance of an electric lifting table can indirectly reflect the quality of standing desks. A lifting table with good load-bearing performance can not only bear more weight of objects, but also not have poor stability during the lifting process.

6. The Memory Capacity

When selecting functions, the height memory function must be available. It can preset several different heights in advance, which is convenient for one-key adjustment in the next use, saving adjustment time. As for sedentary reminder, Bluetooth/APP control, wired fast charging/wireless fast charging and other functions, it depends on your own needs.

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