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Discover the Small Standing Desk for Condos

How to Maximize Space in a Small Apartment

If you’re tight on space, then the last thing you will want to do is crowd it with big, bulky furniture. That is why it is essential to narrow down the size of your furniture to its practical size, eliminating any unnecessary space that larger products fill for the purpose of vanity. Finding smaller pieces for your office space where every square inch adds value is key, and that is why RISEDESK launched the  Small Standing Desk, a downsized version of the incredible  Rise Standing Desk. Developed from the feedback from customers living in apartments and condos, who let us know that the  Rise Standing Desk was too big for their space, the  Small Standing Desk is the perfect desk for city-living, with a  small footprint, but limitless quality and style.

The  RISEDESK Small Standing Desk – perfect for condos and apartments.

At  $745 CAD, the Small Standing Desk is your secret weapon for decorating your condo or apartment. Available in 2 classic frame colors, and 3 gorgeous table to colors, the sleek design of the Small Standing Desk will make any space look bigger, and perfectly complement your style with its minimalist approach to construction.

What Color Desk Should I Get?

With RISEDESK, every color combination is a winner.

Table Top Color Options: Walnut, Pear, Ash

top colours

Steel Frame Color Options: Black, White

frame colors

A combination for every taste, a fit for your space and lifestyle.


colors rise desk small standing


The most popular color combination among customers is the stunning walnut table top paired with the bold and clean black frame. You can trust that no matter the decision you make, you will gain an elegant new addition to optimize your limited space.

What is the difference between the Small Standing Desk and the Rise Standing Desk?

Being a smaller model of the Rise Standing Desk, the Small Standing Desk still has all of the amazing features of the larger models, different only in size. It is a smaller scale product exclusively in size, with the same formidable level of quality and style that you can expect from any RISEDESK product. Here is the chart demonstrating the difference in dimensions between the sizes of Rise Standing Desks:

Dimensions of the Rise Standing Desks


table small desk big desk differences


As you can see, the Small Standing Desk’s reduced width, depth, and height make it the ideal size to elevate your small spaces. Just because you have an office space that is limited in size does not mean you should have to sacrifice style, quality or practicality. With RISEDESK, you won’t have to. Here are the features of every Rise Standing Desk also included in the Small Standing Desk:

Features of the Small Standing Desk

  • Powered by Quiet Dual Motors

For quick and unobtrusive movement at the touch of a button.

  • Does Not Exceed 45 Decibels of Sound

Quiet mechanics to preserve your focus when working.

  • Lift Capacity of 220 lbs

Increased to 310 lbs for the medium and large sizes. Your RISEDESK can hold all of your belongings, always reliable and there for you, as if lifting weight off your shoulders.

  • Smart Panel Handle Bar

Just under the right side of the desk is a smart panel conveniently located for intuitive height adjustment.

  • Touch Screen Technology

Increase and decrease the height of your desk with the touch screen handle bar, simply tapping the up or down arrows for quick adjustment.

  • 4 Memory Key Presets

Program your preferred height settings into the handle bar for convenient one-tap switches throughout the day. Your desk will remember your ideal height, so your mind is free to focus on your day.

  • Rises 20 mm/s

Increased to 38 mm/s for the medium and large sizes. Your desk adjusts quickly so your productive time is not wasted.

  • Anti-Tilt and Collision Technology

You can rely on the technology and design of your desk to keep it stable, and from colliding with any objects, so everything you place on it will be safe.

  • Child Lock Safety

Keeps your desk and belongings safe, and protects the safety of your children.

  • 25 lbs of High-Quality MDF Wood

Increased to 45 lbs for the medium and large sizes. Demand only the best for your table top.

  • Treated for Anti-Microbial Properties

Kills and stops the growth of harmful bacteria for your improved health.

  • Anti-Fingerprint

So that the everyday activities involved in the use of your desk do not directly worsen its appearance.

  • Heat Resistant

So that the fluctuating temperatures of your technology, equipment, and belongings do not harm the health of your table.

  • Easy 30-Minute assembly

Follow our intuitive video demos or detailed instruction booklets for fast and easy assembly of your desk.

  • 10 Year Warranty

Your RISEDESK is built to last, and you can count on us to make sure it does.

  • Free 2-Day Shipping

So you don’t have to waste your money on anything that doesn’t directly enhance your way of life.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Love your new desk, or love your money back. You will always be satisfied with RISEDESK.


features memory key handlebar


With features this good, acquiring the Small Standing Desk is a choice that will set you up for success. Introducing ergonomics into your routine will significantly improve your posture and health, which in turn improves your mindset, increasing your productivity. The benefits of ergonomics are too powerful to be exclusive for those with large office spaces, so adorn your room with the desk designed for no matter how small of a space.

Join the movement towards standing desks, and experience the  phenomenal benefits that are a lowered risk of obesity, lowered blood sugar levels, lowered risk of heart disease, reduced back pain, improved mood and energy levels, boosted productivity, and an increased life expectancy. Are you ready to rise?

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