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What Are the Rise Ergonomic Office Chairs Made Of?

When choosing a chair for your office, something important you may not have thought of is choosing the material it is made of.

The most common materials used in making chairs are wood and plastic. Wood has been around since ancient times, but its use as an office furniture material was only introduced during the 20th century. It’s durability and strength make it one of the best choices for office chairs. Plastic on the other hand is more modern, and is widely used today. Its light weight makes it easy to move around, and its flexibility allows it to be molded into any shape.

Since the incarnation of our accepted office routine (which has now transitioned online), a flurry of new and advanced office chair materials have arrived, the mesh chair being a wonderful choice for someone who sits long hours, and wants to stay healthy. But why should you care? 


Why You Should Care About Office Chair Materials

There are so many different kinds of office chairs available today. Each type of office chair has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right office chair depends on your needs. For example, if you work in front of a computer all day long, then you should go for a mesh office chair.

Here are some reasons why you should care about office chair material:

1. Comfort

Comfort is the number one reason why we chose certain office chairs. We want to feel comfortable when we sit down. Fabric office chairs are usually soft and comfy. They provide us with a better seating experience. In addition, they are easier to wash and maintain.

2. Durability

If you are going to spend a lot of money on an office chair, durability is probably the most important thing. A fabric office chair won’t last as long as a metal or plastic office chair. It will start showing signs of wear and tear after just a couple of months.

3. Appearance

If you are going to buy an office chair for your home or office, appearance matters. People judge others by how their office looks. Therefore, choosing a chair based on its appearance is a smart decision.

4. Health

Choosing a chair that is healthy for you is essential. Mesh office chairs are generally considered healthier than other types of office chair. This is because they are breathable and allow air flow.

5. Cost

Choosing a chair based on cost is always a wise decision. Fabric office chairs are cheaper than other types of office seats. However, they are still expensive compared to plastic office chairs.

What Are the Types Of Chair Material?

When choosing office chair, you should consider the material to get a good one. Here are the pros and cons of the most popular office chair materials, including the fabric office chair.

1. Fabric Office Chair

The first choice for many people is fabric office chair because it’s comfortable and easy to clean. It can be used in any room of your house or office. However, fabric office chairs have some disadvantages. They may not last long as they tend to wear out quickly. Also, if you spill something on them, it will stain easily. The fabric office chair was once the standard, but as technology has improved over time, you will find that our new recommendation is #6.

2. Leather Office Chair

Leather office chair is another great option that you can choose from. This type of office chair has been around for years. The leather office chair is durable and comes with a lot of features. You can find this kind of office chair at high-end stores like IKEA. But, leather office chairs are expensive. So, if you want to buy one, make sure you know what you need before buying it.

3. Plastic Office Chair

Plastic office chair is also an excellent choice for those who don’t want to spend much money. If you want to save money, plastic office chair is the best choice. It’s light weight and affordable. But, plastic office chairs aren’t very durable. They may break after a few months of use.

4. Metal Office Chair

A metal office chair is sturdy and reliable. It doesn’t look cheap. And, it looks more professional than other types of office chairs. But, it costs a bit more than other options, and ergonomically, is not the most sound.

5. Wood Office Chair

Wooden office chairs are eco-friendly. It’s made from natural materials. Therefore, it’s safe for your health. It’s also a nice looking office chair. But, wooden office chairs are quite heavy. So, if you are planning to move it often, you might want to think twice about using it. They are also not the most comfortable chairs in the world, with wood not being good for sitting for long hours.

6. Mesh Office Chair

The mesh office chair is a modern alternative to traditional office chairs. It’s lightweight and comfortable. It’s perfect for those who work in front of computer all day long. The Risedesk chairs are two examples of fantastic mesh office chairs.

Are Mesh Chairs Worth It?

Mesh office chairs are very popular these days. There are several companies manufacturing them. Some of them have even started selling them at affordable prices. Mesh chairs are great alternatives to regular office chairs. They are comfortable, durable, and easy to clean.

If you are wondering whether mesh office chairs are worth buying, here are some things to consider:

1. Mesh office chairs are lighter than other types of office furniture.

2. Mesh chairs are easy to clean.

3. Mesh chairs are durable.

4. Mesh chairs are comfortable.

5. Mesh chairs are stylish.


Have you ever wondered what the Rise Ergonomic Chairs are made of?

The Risedesk Mesh Office Chairs

When it comes to chairs, material is everything. No two chairs on the market are made and designed in the same way, so it is important to know what you're getting into. The material of the chair you sit on has a direct impact on just how comfortable you are throughout the day – what are the Risedesk Ergonomic Office Chairs made of? Rise Ergonomic Chairs are a high-back ergonomic office mesh chair, designed thoughtfully in every area. In this article we will cover the materials that cover your Rise Ergonomic Office Chair, on the seat, base, back and armrest. Let’s dive into each feature where we’ll explain the material and design applied to the chair.


What is the Seat Made Of?

Seats are one of the most important components of an ergonomic chair design. It is essential to have a seat that is both comfortable and doesn’t wear after long hours of use. Rise Ergonomic Chairs address both concerns by using a fabric padded seat with an injection molded foam inside. The foam is protected underneath with a plastic cover to help ensure the durability of the foam. 


What is the Back Made Of?

Along with a comfortable seat, many look for office chairs that have a careful back support. The Rise Ergonomic Chair employs a high back design using mesh. The mesh allows for air flow, which provides added comfort in the hotter months. The back is supported by a nylon back frame and is protected by 2D lumbar support that includes 5cm height and 3cm depth adjustments. 

Not to mention, the back of Rise Ergonomic Chairs offer 3 lockable reclining positions. Its multi-functionality works seamlessly together with the 2D headrest which is also height and angle adjustable. With these thoughtful added features, working at your desk for 8 hours is pain-free and enjoyable. 

What is the Armrest Made Of?

The armrest with black PU soft armtop is height adjustable, so anyone with varying heights can adjust their armrest to their desired level. It also pairs well with your office desk height. If you want to see a perfect complement to your Rise Ergonomic Chair, check out our Rise Standing Desk to complete your ergonomic office set-up. 

Closing Notes

The Rise Ergonomic Chair is created with thought and care. We consider the pain points of WFH lifestyle and we wish to create an office environment that is comfortable, sustainable and exciting. Aside from the highlighted features above, there are so many other features that make our chairs stand out, such as the metal five star base, and the gas springs in the chair for adjustability and flexibility. With our ergonomic design and material, we’re sure you’ll love our chairs. 

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