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The Pros and Cons of Playing Video Games for a Living: Gaming Setup Strategies

It’s a pastime that we all enjoy: playing video games. And the virtual world is so immersive, it can be hard to tell where reality ends and gameplay begins. But now there are those who make their living as professional gamers on YouTube and Twitch, with an audience of hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers. It requires dedication and skill but they get paid for what they love doing! In this post, we will look at some tips for making your gaming setup great – from finding your audience to cutting down on repetitive stress injuries related to long hours in front of a screen.

Find Your Niche

Building a successful gaming channel isn’t easy. But it can be done with some planning and strategy! The first step in getting your own show off the ground is finding out what niche you want to dominate, developing an engaging voice for yourself, and figuring out how viewers will get value from watching—because there's more than just playing games on YouTube these days.

Think what your subscriber might think. They might follow your channel to learn something. For example, YouTube often serves as a resource for gamers who want guides or walkthroughs when they're stuck on levels, struggling with bosses and trying to improve their gameplay in order to move up ranks. You can be a gaming coach, walking through these difficulties step by step with them. Or you can be a simple streamer who share these experience with your audience. Remember: you can inspire others all over the world by sharing knowledge of areas that are difficult because it has been part of our journey too! You can become an e-sports professional and be the best at your game, or you could just stream it. There are many opportunities in gaming today for people who love watching others play!


Set Up Your Gaming Environment

The perfect gaming setup will increase your motivation and improve your quality of life. Repetitive stress injuries are common in this field, which can lead to a reduction in health or even eye fatigue after playing games all day long! It's important to maintain a balance between being healthy while still enjoying some downtime with video games. So make sure you have a setup when the time comes!

Gaming monitors are the new weapon of choice for any serious gamer who wants to take their game up a notch. A good monitor stand can make all the difference in how well you play, so do yourself (and your wallet) justice by investing wisely! Whether you're sitting at your desk all day or just need to get up and stretch the occasional bit, having an adjustable monitor stand is essential for making sure that everything lines up correctly. Let's take a lot at some features of a good monitor stand.

  • Weight: We all know that a heavy monitor can be hard on your neck if you're viewing it for long periods of time. So, the best way to avoid this problem is by making sure that any stand or mount holding up your screen also has enough weight capacity so as not to force strain on either end-the base and computer itself!


  • Size: Size is important for a few reasons. Will your stand fit all the way to the bottom or are some of their spaces too tight? Do they have VESA standard height measurements that allow you to adjust more than just how high up on it sits?


  • VESA compatibility: Don't forget to check your monitor and stand compatibility! The VESA Mount Standard (Video Electronics Standards Association) gives monitor manufacturers a set size for interchangeability. Make sure that you're getting something with the same screw pattern so they hook together easily in an array of mounting options available from different brands or vendors.


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