ergonomic chair optimally supports spine

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A sedentary 9-5 lifestyle can have lasting negative impacts on your spine. Thankfully, the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair is designed with leading ergonomic technology to reverse these effects and kee...

Ergonomicsaffordable ergonomic chair and desk

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Working from home, you’ve probably realized how tired or uncomfortable your own work set-up is; lower back pain, aching shoulders, or a sore neck are all common experiences. If you’ve heard of the ...

Ergonomicsheight adjustable RISE standing desk

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You’ve taken the first step to improve your health (and career!) and invested in a Standing Desk! But how do you use it to reap its full benefits? Follow this tutorial to find out.

Ergonomicshome office chairs

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5000 years of history have led to the innovation that is the ergonomic office chair. What is the history of the chair? What is the origin of ergonomics? Read along to discover the long and rich pas...

ErgonomicsRISE standing desk converter with sit stand desk

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Sometimes, investing in a high-quality adjustable standing desk just isn’t an option. For those of us whose lifestyles just better fit a standing desk converter, we are here to show you the best mo...