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Which brand of standing desk is best?

Why choose a standing desk?

Designed from the discovery of the extensive power of ergonomics, an adjustable standing desk is a significantly healthier alternative to staying seated at a fixed desk every day, and is able to positively transform your health, happiness, mindset, and subsequently your productivity. Striking a balance that works the best for you between sitting and standing cuts down on the time spent idly seated, improving back posture and health, and improving circulation by keeping active.

Choosing the Rise Standing Desk means no compromises, with the advanced technology powering the handset also being extremely intuitive, easy, and quick to use.


What is Canada’s #1 Standing Desk? 

With the variety of standing desk products available in the market, it can be difficult to choose which one is the best for you. Here is a comparison of the most popular standing desk models on the market from RISEDESK, Ergonofis, and EFFYDESK. Which brand of standing desk is the best?


best standing desk toronto


RISEDESKThe best adjustable standing desk on the market

At a significantly lower price point than the competition, RISEDESK’s Rise Standing Desk understands what really matters – quality, style, and practicality. Every dollar counts more with RISEDESK, with the most features compacted into the best quality product, fit to elevate any room.

What is a memory key?

The memory keys seamlessly recall multiple preset heights chosen by the user, so after initially adjusting the desk to meet the various levels at which you will sit or stand throughout the day, a simple tap of a memory key will efficiently adjust the desktop height to that saved level. With an impressive 4 memory key slots, 2 more than the competitor Ergonofis’s Sway Desk, RISEDESK’s Rise Standing Desk has double the customization and adaptability of competing products, responding most effectively to your changing needs throughout the day.



How high should a standing desk be?

The increase in health and productivity that comes from switching to an adjustable standing desk is amplified when the tabletop is sitting at the same level as your elbows. The LED touch screen handset allows you to adjust your desk to elbow level with precision, a level that varies according to the height you are sitting or standing at. Because of RISEDESK’s  superior memory key capacity, you will only have to match the height of the desk to each desired level once, repeated simply thereafter by the click of the preset for everyday use.


Which desk is the most modern?

In terms of style, the Rise Standing Desk can’t be beat, with the widest range of expertly-designed table top colour options by far. The lineup of Ash, Walnut, Pear, Black, and White ensures that there is a configuration to perfectly complement every personal design philosophy. With Walnut being the most popular choice, the durable wooden top is refined and polished in each colour way, so any selection will result in an elegant addition to your space and routine.


The wooden table sits atop a modern frame designed with the cleanest and sharpest lines on the market – cutting out the imbalance and chunkiness of the competing products. Customers can purchase the Rise Standing Desk with a black or white frame, both classic choices that pair well with the symmetry of the metal architecture.


Choose the Rise Standing Desk, the affordable desk that will look the best in your space.


Are standing desks actually worth it?

The Rise Standing Desk’s quality is higher than that of luxury products, at a low price level geared towards everyone. An essential for improving your home office and routine with intentionality, an investment in RISEDESK products is always an intelligent decision, with features and durability far eclipsing its price.



Holding a maximum capacity of 265 lbs, the Rise Standing Desk can support more than the competing product at EFFYDESK, which has a smaller limit of 240 lbs. In addition to this, like every product at RISEDESK, the Rise Standing Desk is made to last, with its exceptional design and quality coming with a 10 year warranty for the steel desk, and a 5 year warranty for the motors. 

By choosing RISEDESK, you are choosing a product that will stay with you forever, both as an essential furniture piece in your home, and through the lasting effects that the upgrade will have on every day that you rise.


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