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Top 7 Standing Desk Converters of 2022

“If you start to sit too long, stand. If you start to stand too long, sit.”

This is the advice insisted upon by scientists and doctors, lifting the sheer difference that dividing your work day between sitting and standing will have on your health, wellness, and productivity. Sitting at your desk for long uninterrupted periods of time is damaging for your health, so if you want to reverse the damage and start feeling and working better, finding a sit-to-stand solution is imperative.

Sometimes, investing in a high-quality adjustable standing desk  just isn’t an option. For those of us whose lifestyles just better fit a standing desk converter, we are here to show you the best models on the market, ranking the top 7 standing desk converters currently available this year.

What is a standing desk converter?

A standing desk converter is a tool that allows you to  seamlessly transform your workspace from sitting to standing by simply adding elevation to the tabletop of your current immovable desk. 

Standing desk converters just might be the solution that you need to elevate and ameliorate your workspace and routine, inexpensively allowing you to avoid long stretches of time spent sitting at a desk and the resulting health effects.  Make your needs a priority, and see just how much you are rewarded in improved health and productivity.

Here is our ranking of the 7 best standing desk converters on the market:

  1. Flexispot M Series

The Flexispot M Series features a sleek design with a very nice finish, and is topped with a sturdy wooden desktop. A great thing about the Flexispot M series is that it operates really smoothly, and raises vertically in place. This way, it does not swing towards you like many products that did not make this list, which would force you to back up. Though it is last on this list, it is still the seventh best product on the market, and has notable quality for its relatively lower price. In fact, the Flexispot M Series is the cheapest standing desk converter we ranked, and is very stable. However, if saving money is your priority, we recommend scrolling down further. The #1 product is only slightly higher in price, with infinitely more features.


  1. VariDesk Pro Plus 36

Our sixth place goes to the VariDesk Pro Plus 36, which stands on a large and sturdy Z shape design. While it can rock slightly under the weight of a monitor or laptop, it is usually reliable, and only slightly worse than standing desk converters higher up on the list with X shape designs. It comes with a large keyboard tray so you can optimize your arm and eye level to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome, and is pretty adjustable. To adjust, you will have to use two handles concurrently, one on each side of the converter, and it will require some force. Though it can be slightly difficult, the VariDesk Pro Plus 36 is still a great choice. Sitting at the higher end of the price range of this list however, we advise you to pick one of the products ranked higher, that offers more quality at a lower price point.


  1. Fully Cora Standing Desk Converter

The Fully Cora Standing Desk Converter is great quality, and extremely portable. Quickly foldable, this is a great option if you are constantly on the go and need to transport your standing desk converter with you to stand anywhere. The drawback with the Fully Cora, however, lies in its limited size and weight capacity, which is a good fit if you only use a laptop or smaller device, but not ideal if you use monitors or separate keyboards. There is also no adjustable keyboard tray, so you will have trouble customizing your own workflow with a perfect eye level and posture for optimized health.


  1. Uplift E7 Electric Standing Desk Converter

The Ulift E7 Electric Standing Desk Converter is much heavier and bulkier than the non-electric converters on this list, which does make it more difficult to transport and carry, but if electric is a priority for you, then this may be your perfect fit. With this standing desk converter, you have lots of workspace to place your monitors or laptop on, as well as a lower keyboard tray that is adjustable and fully removable if needed. This is the most expensive model on this list, and in this case, the top 3 products just deliver more at their lower price points.


  1. VertDesk Converter V1CB/V1CW

With a sturdy and spacious build, the VertDesk COnverter V1CB/V1CW may just be the option for you, standing at third on our list. Its extensive surface makes it great for stand-mounted monitors, or for laptops that use external keyboards. The keyboard tray especially comes in handy in those cases, and is angle-adjustable so it can suit whatever setup you are currently using. It just doesn’t compare to the top 2 choices, and has a high price point for its inferior quality to our #1 and #2 picks.


  1. Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior

The Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior is the runner up on our list, being highly adjustable and applicable to almost any situation. The frame itself is very stable, and takes up very little space for its fantastic stability. This is balanced out however with its limited surface space on the desktop, and higher price point.


  1. RISEDESK Standing Desk Converter

Built with an  X frame structure for  maximized durability and weight capacity, the RISEDESK Standing Desk Converter enhances your work experience at every level. With the classic RISEDESK 37” Desk Riser, you will own a desktop that supports up to 33 pounds, perfectly suited to any desk setup combination of monitors and laptops. An impressive feature is the pneumatic spring lift, which ensures that the height adjustment is simple and smooth, at just the squeeze of a handle. The height adjustment range adds anywhere from  4” to 17” to the top of your desk, so you are free to customize the specific height to your preferences at every moment in the day. Topped off with a removable keyboard tray and a dual tiered design, the RISEDESK Black 37” Desk Riser is designed to optimize your workflow, and using the provided hex tool you can tailor it to your needs as a worker. With much more adjustability and quality for its relatively much lower price, you can see why RISEDESK’s Standing Desk Converter gets the top spot on this list.


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