RISE Skye ergonomic office chair

Skye, a Feat of Design Excellence

A new chair design has arrived at RISEDESK: The Skye Ergonomic Office Chair.


The  Skye Ergonomic Home Office Chair comes with a full range of adjustments for maximized comfort in any position you sit in. Using the power of ergonomics, the Skye adapts to your body and habits, so you can apply all of your focus to your work. With all of the existing features of the  Rise Ergonomic Office Chair, the Skye Ergonomic Office Chair takes what was so great and expands it, reaching new and rare heights of design excellence. Read more to learn about all of the amazing features this chair has to offer.

Two comfortable, high quality materials of choice

When it comes to the material and seat of the Skye Ergonomic Office Chair, customers have two fantastic options to choose from. The mesh lining closely resembles the design of the original Rise Ergonomic Office Chair, and is extremely comfortable, breathable, and durable. The premium choice, the memory foam, is for maximized comfort for extended periods of time, and is masterful at adapting to your body shape while encouraging better posture and health.

Three timeless, sophisticated colors

The  Skye Ergonomic Office Chair comes in three color options: Dark Grey, Midnight Black, and Pacific Blue. The Dark Grey is a darker, more mature version of the Stone Grey colorway of the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair, and the Midnight Black is exactly the same signature black color you can expect in any RISEDESK piece. Unique to the Skye Ergonomic Office Chair is the new color, Pacific Blue, which is a vibrant and sophisticated option to brighten up any space, and bring life into your office. Be assured that any choice you make will result in a stylish setup that has practical benefits that extend to your health and posture long-term.

Unlimited new features

The Skye Ergonomic Office Chair provides you with a plethora of new and exciting features, improving upon the already incredible offerings of the Rise Ergonomic Office Chair. Learn about what Skye can do for you.

Armrest Adjusts Forwards


New to Skye is the increased adjustability of the armrests, which now can be adjusted forwards and backwards by a simple slide of the rest.

Armrest Adjusts Laterally


Not only can the armrests now adjust forwards and backwards, but laterally. This ensures that in any sitting position you find yourself in, Skye will rise to meet your shape, and support you for ideal health, posture, and comfort.

Chair Back Adjusts Vertically


Skye is the most versatile and adaptive adjustable ergonomic chair on the market, and this new feature is just another reason on the list. Fitting even more people of different heights and sizes, the back height adjustability makes sure that a person of any height and build can find their perfect fit in Skye. Don’t worry about whether you will fit the chair or not, it is designed to fit you.

Seat Adjusts Forwards


You can now adjust how far forwards or backwards your seat is sitting with the new set adjustability feature. Once again, RISEDESK proves how important it is that our furniture fits you perfectly.

Jacket Hanger


A cool new feature of Skye, the jacket hanger is perfect for when you just don’t have a coat hanging option in your office, and need quick and easy access for when you arrive and depart from your chair.

Let the Amelioration Begin

With Skye, even the sky isn’t the limit. Have a seat with us today, and see  just how high you rise.

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