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Introducing the RISEDESK Bundles

Risedesk has an extensive selection of elegant, quality, and durable products that will put your office at the height of productivity and style. There are a plethora of gorgeous color and design options available for many products, giving you a lot of choice in how you can personalize your space to your needs. But how to combine the options to find your perfect office space? Look no further than the Risedesk Bundles, which are coming soon. Curated expertly by the designers, Risedesk has grouped together the pieces and styles we offer that best compliment each other, and will lead to a cohesive, timeless space. The specific style is of your choosing.

What Are the Risedesk Bundles?


Curated style, coming soon.


The Pear Collection

The airy blend of light natural wood and white finishes is simply divine. Get the understated clean look, anchored by calming neutrals. For a bright, cozy space, the pear collection makes your office space come to life, and your creative mind with it.

The Walnut Collection

Timeless, mindfully made pieces for when you want your office to start conversations. This high-contrast approach to design pairs our elegantly crafted walnut woodwork with sharp black industrial architecture for an eternally stylish look. Find out why walnut finishes continue to be our signature.

The Light Mode Minimalist Collection

For the light minimalist. Stunning, streamlined fantasy becomes a reality with the light mode collection, where matching monochromatic pieces redefine modern elegance. Design that brings  simplicity into your life.

The Dark Mode Minimalist Collection

For the dark minimalist. Unlock a setup so crisp and dramatic that it never stops feeling new. Elevate your space with our modern, angular pieces, all matching in our classic black color. So you and your space can stand out.

The Modern Collection

Sleek, Scandinavian inspired design with clean lines and tones, so you can achieve the style of tomorrow, today. For the modernist, to heighten any office with streamlined and sophisticated design. Experience the fusion of the gradient between white, ash, and grey in a contemporary paradise.

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