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How You Can Rise Up To Climate Change

Climate change is caused by human activities such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation. This causes greenhouse gas emissions, which trap heat in our atmosphere. As a result, global temperatures rise, causing extreme weather events, droughts, floods, rising sea levels and other problems.

Climate change has become a major issue over the last decade or so. The question is whether we can stop climate change before it becomes too late. What can we do now?

To prevent climate change from becoming a reality, we should take action now. There are several ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, such as using renewable energy sources, recycling waste, planting trees and reducing meat consumption. These actions can also benefit us economically. This article is here to give you the top 10 tips you can follow to help rise up to climate change.

1. Use Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energy sources like solar power, wind power, hydroelectricity and biofuels are all great options for reducing your carbon footprint. They don’t cause pollution or have any harmful effects on the environment. However, they still require some maintenance and upkeep. If you want to use these types of energy, make sure that you invest in them properly. Also, be aware of where you get your electricity from because not all countries provide equal amounts of renewable energy.

2. Recycle Waste

It may seem obvious, but recycling is one of the best things that you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only does this save landfill space, but it also reduces the amount of resources needed to create new products. For example, if you recycle plastic bottles, then you won’t need to extract oil from the ground to produce new ones. Instead, you will just reuse what was already made.

3. Plant Trees

Planting trees is another way to reduce your carbon footprint without having to worry about how much energy you consume. When you plant trees, you are actually creating an ecosystem that absorbs CO2. In addition, trees absorb rainwater, helping to keep soil healthy and preventing flooding.

4. Reduce Meat Consumption

Reducing meat consumption is another way to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), livestock production is responsible for 18 percent of total man-made greenhouse gases. By cutting back on meat consumption, you could significantly lower your carbon footprint.

5. Buy Green Products

If you want to buy green products, then you should look for labels that say “eco-friendly” or “green”. These labels indicate that the product was manufactured with eco-friendly materials and processes. Some companies even go beyond their labeling requirements and offer incentives to consumers who purchase green products.

6. Turn Off the Lights

Turning off lights when you leave a room is probably one of the simplest things you can do to conserve energy. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or away – turning off lights while you’re leaving a room can help you save money.

7. Unplug Appliances

Unplugging appliances after you finish using them helps to conserve energy. Many people find themselves reaching for appliances that aren’t plugged in, causing them to lose track of which appliance they were unplugging.

8. Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs last longer and use less energy. The U.S. Department of Energy has recommended switching over to CFLs because of their low cost and long life expectancy.

9. Drive Less, or Switch to Public Transportation

Driving less often can help you reduce your carbon footprint. This tip works well whether you live close to work or far away. If you drive less frequently, then you will use fewer fossil fuels to travel to work.

Switching to public transportation might be your best option to reducing your carbon footprint. Using mass transit systems such as buses and subways releases very little carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

10. Buy Your Office Furniture From Risedesk

When you buy durable and long lasting furniture, in place of the disposable and cheap furniture from a company like IKEA, for example, you are reducing the waste that you would be producing, and therefore reducing the emissions associated with manufacturing and transporting these items.

In addition to this, our desks are made from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) which is one of the most eco-friendly materials available today. It's made from wood fibres, so it's 100% recyclable and also very durable. You can feel good knowing that your office furniture is doing its part to help protect the environment.

How Risedesk Has Made An Impact

At Rise, we recognize that each one of us has the ability to make an impact. And at a time when furniture waste is rampant in North America (and across all industries), it's about what you can do for others rather than taking from them.

That's why last November, our company partnered up with Arbour Day Foundation who is working hard on behalf of environmental efforts across North America to play our part in restoring the planet. 

For every order placed at Rise this November, 10 trees will be planted to support reforestation and restoration programs across North America. 

At Rise, we believe it is important to not take the world for granted and to give back to society when possible, especially during the holiday season. Which is why last year, we embarked on a giving goal to make it easier for you to give back - and to support the causes you care about. With the help of the Arbor Day Foundation,  for every order, we planted 10 trees.

All About the Arbor Day Foundation


Founded in 1972, the Arbor Day Foundation is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees and to date, they have helped plant more than 350 million trees in communities, cities, and forests all around the world. Through conservation and education programs, they aim to cultivate a greener future and help others understand the gravity of global issues we face today such as climate change, deforestation, and poverty. 

In tune with the holiday spirit of giving, we are proud to introduce ourselves as an official partner of the Arbor Day Foundation. Ever since the beginning of Rise, we have served to lead the company with corporate responsibility and have always lead our decision making with concern for climate change. We partnered with Arbor Day Foundation and hope to inspire the next generation to give back to the community and work together towards a sustainable future.


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