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How Does a Good Office View Influence Employees?

Don’t overlook the very thing you look at every day. The scenery through an office window sets the tone for the entire office space, and a great view creates an environment that inspires employees to excel. Employees, in a  recent survey, rated “natural light and views of the outdoors” as the benefit they value the most in an office space, outranking perks like cafeterias and childcare. What may seem like a frivolous luxury that isn’t worth the more expensive square footage is actually turning out to have a direct relationship to employee productivity and company success, uncovering the very real link between the happiness of employees and the quality of the work they are able to accomplish.

Is investing in a scenic view worth it?

In short, yes. Employees report improved health and productivity in spaces with a nice view, with 47% saying that the absence of natural light left them tired or even exhausted. Headaches drop by 63% when an office is lit with natural light, eyestrain complaints also dropping by 51%. When talking about the power of ergonomics, natural lighting and a good view are incredibly effective additions, and should be considered among the ranks of impressive ergonomic furniture such as adjustable standing desks and ergonomic office chairs.

A good office view is undoubtedly a privilege that not every company can afford, or even should. The garage within which Steve Jobs started his legacy was not a notable city lookout point, and Jeff Bezos’s garage was certainly not a luxury high rise. Even more developed companies with extensive budgets to spend on facilities might save the high price of a scenic view for other benefits like programs that build and strengthen the community through fitness and wellness.

But a scenic office view is not just an expensive location. It is an investment in culture. 

The value that an appealing window view provides to a company in improved office culture is exponentially more than the incremental rent that achieving it cost. An appealing view reinforces an organization’s commitment to their vision, mission, and values. By investing in the aesthetics of the workspace, it communicates to employees that their time and mood are valued, and worth investing in. In return, they apply themselves more.

We have compiled some of our favorite office views for your own inspiration when choosing and designing office spaces.

Best Office Views

1. Big Apple Bird’s Eye

city view

2. Coastal Ocean View

ocean view

3. Bright City Observatory

city view

4. Sea Landscape

sea view

How to Improve Work Environment in Your Office

You don’t need to be a CEO with a big facilities budget to make the most of your workdays by working with a nice view. Even if working from your own home, you can still experience the effects of a scenic view. Simply prioritize natural lighting in your space, and situate yourself next to a window when you work. Working in tandem with the outside world reminds us what it is that we are working for, and remembering why you work is how you will truly excel.

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