About Us

Improving Work Health

As the COVID-19 epidemic transformed the way we worked overnight, we recognized a dearth of market-based solutions to support a corporate work lifestyle. As a result, the home office has emerged as one of the key pillars of the new workplace.

Proudly sourcing local materials, capital, and inspiration from Toronto, Canada, we decided to raise the office game by creating innovative, ergonomic pieces that are built to last and support a healthier lifestyle at work.

Driven by our environmental and community-oriented approach to design, the premium quality of Risedesk furniture promote comfort and productivity long-term, minimizing the environmental footprint created by less durable, disposable furniture.

Our adaptable and adjustable furniture has your back, supporting you through each of life’s milestones. With Risedesk, you can sit in an office that serves as a gateway to new opportunities, and find out just how high you can rise.

Why We're Different

Home is Toronto, Canada

Our products are designed and built in the heart of Toronto, Canada, and we draw inspiration from the city everyday.

Premium Quality

We believe in designing long-lasting office furniture to improve the health of an average office worker that spends 50 hours a week at their desk.


We take pride in our products being eco-friendly, from sourcing to production to warehousing.

The Story of Michael & Mike


From British Columbia, Canada, Michael and Mike were brought together in sixth-grade by their love for sports and their identical first names.

Since then, the dream of making a positive impact in their small community kept them together over the years.

Leftmost: Michael (Mike) Huang, Rightmost: Michael Fan

Left: Michael Fan at Bell Canada, Right: Mike Huang at CDW


As they saw their corporate careers take-off, their health suffered sitting at their "one size fits all" corporate desks all day. Michael developed chronic poor posture while Mike suffered from repercussions such as lower back and neck pain, life-long foot injuries, hamstring tightness, and weight gain of 30 pounds.

It was clear to them: Corporate work solutions are not sustainable for health nor the environment.


Michael & Mike started Risedesk to empower you, so that you never have to choose between your health and your career.

Being the first and only Toronto-based ergonomic furniture company, Risedesk is proud to be providing the premium quality ergonomic furniture at an affordable price, so you can have it all.

Michael Fan & Mike Huang, Co-founders of Risedesk

Want to join RISE’s empowered community?

blue live edge epoxy resin wood desk by RISE desk in Toronto Canada

Sustainability and Community

At Risedesk, we believe cherishing your health includes cherishing our planet. We’re committed to local and sustainable production, so you can feel good about working from home.

Meet the Team!

Michael Fan

Mike Huang

Olivia Bedzieszak

Victor Paraschiv

Yandi Hu

Julian Gould